Filming a video marketing series for Kansas Trave & Tourism
Filming a video marketing series for Kansas Travel & Tourism

Everyone fights stereotypes. Destinations can too. Your public relations and marketing efforts can go a long way in helping to change perspectives of your destination or travel service.

The state of Kansas is just one example.

Most know the Sunflower State, located in the American heartland, for its rural heritage. Others judge the state by what they see driving on I-70 across the state in a cross-country journey.

But if that’s all a potential visitor knew about Kansas, then they would be missing the whole story. Dig just a little deeper, and you’ll find that America’s 34th state has a unique culture all its own, with rich history and hundreds of unique experiences on offer.

So how do you communicate that in a mass medium? Video!

The innovative PR/Marketing team at Kansas Travel & Tourism is among the best in the industry. Even though they were working with a very small budget, they created a series of targeted adventures called “Yellow Brick Road Trips,” and then produced a 2-minute video for each adventure.

And that’s where we came in. Working closely with the Kansas team, we developed the videos from the ground up. Over a period of three years, our Go World video crews spent more than 11 weeks filming throughout the state, from tiny towns of 400 people to rural ranches and big cities.
The result is a 12-video series that brings the state to life (Yellow Brick Road Trips).

The series must be working well, because we recently received a comment from a Kansas native: “Wow, I had no idea that you could do all that in Kansas!”

Yes, indeed you can.